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Peculiar Vintage is a jewellery shop and studio on based in free-spirited Brighton. Stef Warde is the creative force behind the brand and debuted her first collection 'Curio', influenced by her love of vintage charms. Her technique has evolved to become overtly hand-hewn, with considered marks and skilful weathering, giving a soulful quality to each piece ~ a huge nod to her arts background.

Stef's distinctive style and rough-lux aesthetic, has built her a loyal following. Growing from this success, she opened an independent shop and studio space on Baker Street in 2014. Peculiar Vintage has since seen a steady rise in commission work and is fast becoming a go to for 'alternative engagement rings'. Traditional rules of what makes a Wedding or Engagement ring has been discarded in favour of edgier, hand-hewn, affordable design.

The shop is curated with a select group of guest designers who all 100% hand-make their collections. From Melbourne to Brighton, London or Montreal, our selection of independent makers are directional and design led. 

Our customers are independent, spirited, romantic and adventurous ~ Stef

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